Investing in Real Estate Has Never Been So Easy

In 2018 you can use 100% of bank money to invest and build your wealth


Investment properties - particularly smaller, residential real estate - are now accessible to many average Canadians. And as any homeowner will confirm, real estate has been one of the most attractive investment categories in Canada for the past decade. There are several reasons why a growing number of Canadians are purchasing investment properties:

1. Return on investment. Residential Real Estate is a solid long-term investment, typically appreciating faster than inflation. It’s quite common to get 15%-35%  return on cash invested in Real Estate.

2. A pension plan for the future. Over the long term, an investment property or multiple real estate holdings can be a great source of retirement funds. Many Canadians do not have a pension plan, which means they need to take their own action to create sources of retirement income.

3. A better alternative to student residence. Many Canadians are shipping off their university-age children, and housing them in an investment property purchased specifically for that purpose. They can save money on out-of-town accommodations for the student, and use revenue from other renting students to pay the mortgage and maintenance expenses.

4. Earlier access to a first home. For first-time home-buyers, a duplex or triplex can be a terrific way to get onto the home ownership ladder. Rental income from the extra units can help offset the cost of the mortgage as the new homeowners get on their financial feet.


Why now?

-    New mortgage rules introduced last year created a large pool of renters as many first time buyers put off their purchase of a home and are choosing to rent instead
-    Rent rates are at their historic high: 1 bedroom condo in Toronto rents for min $1900, 2 Bedroom rents for $2500
-    Rent vacancies are at their lowest in Toronto and GTA. Many rental units have multiple offers and bidding wars
-    Continuous tremendous increase in population of large cities and demand for housing. Only in 2017 there were over 36,000 new households created  in Toronto due to immigration and natural population growth

-    Real Estate investment is unique because you use other people’s (lenders’) money to build your wealth!


Dozens of excellent cash flowing properties come on the market in Toronto and Mississauga every day. Pick one and start building your wealth!
Don’t have much available cash? No problem, you can use equity in your own home or invest with a Joint Venture partner! We will find a solution.



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